Here at Evoke Outdoor Design, we believe in doing things differently. Ever since we first came up with the idea to merge gazebos with cooking and heating, we’ve been breaking down barriers and helping our customers discover an entirely new way to entertain. This innovative, creative thinking and commitment to quality is carried through in every area of our work, so when you buy from us, you know you’re receiving an outstanding building that’s exceptional in every way.

Let’s start with the materials we use. We know that an outdoor building is a big investment, so we insist on high quality woods that last. All our buildings come with a larch roof as standard. Larch has a minimum life expectancy of twenty years, although when properly looked after it’s expected that it will keep going for as long as thirty years. In the past, we have used pressure treated tanalised timbers which offer a fifteen year guarantee, but since this is a chemical process that’s potentially harmful to the environment we decided to work in a different way that minimises our environmental impact.

We’ve found that it’s best not to treat the larch and allow it to silver down in the same way as you would with a cedar roof. By treating the larch, you can affect the natural oils and resins that protect the timber and prolong its life span.Another thing that makes larch special is that it possesses excellent thermal insulation properties, which is ideal when making closed buildings.

We also use Unsorted Scandinavian Redwood for a premium, long lasting finish.Unsorted Redwood profiles are taken from the heart of the tree, which is slower growing and provides a denser, stronger material with fewer knots that’s far less likely to split over the years. Scandinavian Redwood is ideal for outdoor constructions, both domestic and commercial, and renowned for its long lasting properties. It ages very well; maintaining good looks for years, and when taken good care of an outdoor building crafted from Scandinavian Redwood can still be fully functional and attractive in thirty years time. Because it’s so long lasting and requires minimal chemical treatment, the impact on the environment is far greater than with cheaper woods. And because it’s found in Scandinavia, it’s naturally made to withstand harsh weather conditions.

We use laminated posts for the same reasons as those mentioned above. Laminated posts are much less likely to shrink, twist, warp or split than a solid single piece of timber, so will always have peace of mind that our buildings are made to last. Our laminated posts are formed by bonding three separate pieces of timber together, for a really robust and strong structure.
We’re proud to have completely revolutionized the way people entertain outdoors. After spending far too many barbecues hidden away from the rest of the party at the bottom of the garden, we went on a mission to find an alternative. Our garden buildings have made it possible to make use of outdoor spaces all year long, and we’re committed to ensuring our customers always receive the best possible products and services.

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