Nothing adds the Wow factor and kerb appeal to your property than a beautifully stained and maintained outdoor living space. But as with most things, you need to put in a little bit of work over the years to keep any outdoor building looking its best. So, how often should you re-stain yours?

We recommend staining your outdoor building every twelve months, because the stain has a cumulative effect that builds up protection over time. The more coats you apply, the darker the stain will become.

Here are a few practical tips on wood staining:

All good jobs rely on good preparation, so ensure your building is clean and free from cobwebs and plant debris etc before you begin. We recommend cleaning your building manually using gentle wood cleaner, working in manageable sections and finishing with clean water.


It’s also important to note that staining rotten or splintered wood will not repair it, it will simply mask it with a short term cosmetic effect. Evoke garden buildings are made to last, but should you be reading this many years in the future and your building is over thirty years old, it’s time for something new!

Take Your Time

This is a job that shouldn’t be rushed, and it’s important to  allow time for your wood stain to dry between coats. Water based stains require one or two days’ drying time, and if you are using an oil based product you should expect to wait three days between treatments.

Choose Your Colour Wisely

Exterior wood stains are available in a range of colours and finishes from light to dark, so it’s important to get the right match for your building. Semi transparent stains deliver an opaque effect which adds subtle colour whilst allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. SOlid stains, on the other hand, cover the wood and provide a less natural look.

Apply Well

Before you begin, find a small patch of wood in a hidden area to check you have the right colour and consistency. It’s advisable to work in sections and move outwards to avoid overlapping and blotchiness. Wood staining can be applied with a roller or brush and should be done in long, confident, smooth strokes. You can also use a clear sealing product to extend the results. Our garden buildings have made it possible to make use of outdoor spaces all year long, and we’re committed to ensuring our customers always receive the best possible products and services. We use the very best materials available to ensure our buildings not only look fantastic, but are made to last, but over time the maintenance will be up to you. Please feel free to contact us for technical advice and information on the best products you can use to keep your outdoor building looking its best for years to come. Talk to us for technical advice on which products to use.

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