All changes to your home require forward planning, and an Evoke garden building is no exception. We’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision, so you can get the very best from our luxurious outdoor spaces. If there’s anything we haven’t covered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Take a look at our frequently asked questions on our garden buildings.

Do I need a base for my structure to sit on?

No, but to extend the life of your building we do recommend that its posts are sat on a padstone a minimum of 200mm2, to minimise the amount of moisture absorbed into the wood through the floor. We also strongly advise that the structure sits on a concrete pad or patio with a minimum of 100mm clearance all the way round from outside post to outside post.

How should a concrete base be constructed?

When casting a concrete base, we would advise a minimum depth of 150mm. Please note that where bespoke buildings especially those requiring a damp proof course will be advised on separately.

Do I need planning permission?

No, but it is essential that we keep within your existing planning guidelines, and this may affect where you choose to position your structure. For further information, please see the link to the planning portal.


Some frequently asked questions about Morso stoves:

Will my stove rust?

As the stove will be installed inside your building, there is no reason it will rust if you look after it and clean it after use.

Will it set fire?

All Evoke buildings are built to high health and fire safety standards and designed for use with Morso stoves and accessories, so no. However, caution should be taken with all ovens and barbecues and no open flame should be left unattended.

How do I get rid of scratches and scuff marks?

Most can be easily removed with wire wool, but for any deeper scratches you can use special Morso spray paint.

Where can I buy spare parts?

Spare parts from your stove can be purchased from your local Morso supplier. If in doubt, please ask us and we will be happy to help.

Can I install the stove myself?

No, all wood burning stove installation must be undertaken by a suitably qualified HETAS engineer or approved by local building control.


Find information about shopping for your accessories online with us here:

How much is shipping?

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What delivery service do you use?

Smaller items are posted via the Royal Mail 2nd Class Post unless requested otherwise. Larger items are sent by Courier.

Can I ask for my building to be delivered and arrange for someone else to put it up?

No, all Evoke buildings must be handled by our team of experts, to ensure your safety.

Do you accept returns?

If your items are faulty or damaged, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a return.